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Stock number 7984

Set of 13 Holophane pendant lights with their original stamped gallery. These refract a bright good light when lit. Circa 1910

Height: 27cm-60cm as shown Diameter: 21cm

Price : £78 each

Stock number 7968

Large Edwardian moon glass pendant with brass gallery and hook. When lit this emits a good but soft light as the name suggests. Circa 1910

Height: 30cm Diameter: 30cm

Price : £168

Stock number 7720

Fabulous Edwardian Art Nouveau flying angel with the original acid etched flower shades. Fine detailed casting and when lit this highlights the face and body. Small section of leaf missing on ceiling plate - see details. Circa 1905

Height: 63cm- 80cm as shown. Length: 63cm

Price : £2698

Stock number 7978

1920's milk glass and acid etched glass flush mounted pendant light. Looks great when lit.

Height: 30cm Diameter: 22cm

Price : £158

Stock number 7973

Pair of Edwardian moon glass pendant flush mounted lights. Dark bronze patinated galleries and ceiling plates. These emit a soft but good light as the name suggests. Circa 1912

Height: 18cm Diameter: 15cm

Price : £198 pair

Stock number 7972

Quality Edwardian bronze mounted cut glass pendant. Strong cast classic components and when lit this emits a good light. Circa 1909

Height: 60cm + 15cm chain Diameter: 13cm

Price : £268


Stock number 7804

Fabulous Arts and Crafts graduated vaseline pendant with the oirginal hammered silver plated mountings including the cable embellishment. When lit this 'comes alive' and produces a beautiful light. A rare find. Circa 1905

Height: 60cm - 90 cm as shown Diameter: 21cm

Price : £698

Stock number 7957

Decorative Arts and Crafts vaseline pendant with the original silver plated hammered mounts and cable embellishment. Stylised flower head blown within the glass so when lit this becomes more apparent. Circa 1905

Height: 46cm - 76cm as shown Diameter: 11cm

Price : £398

Stock number 7927

Handsome Edwardian 3 arm electrolier made by GEC with original etched glass shades. Circa 1910

Height: 58cm + 14cm chain Diameter: 56cm

Price : £478

Stock number 7948

Very pretty Edwardian chandelier with swagged lead crystal drops. Looks fabulous when lit. Circa 1906

Height: 70cm Diameter: 36cm

Price : £558

Stock number 1719

Large Holophane framed 3 piece light with polished brass mountings. All pieces stamped and when lit this refracts a very good light. There is a crack in the top section which is hard to see and is safe. Circa 1909

Height: 50cm + 18cm chain Diameter: 35cm

Price : £238

Stock number 7901

Victorian ex-gas Art Nouveau single pendant with the original prismatic glass shade. Classic mid stem decoration. Circa 1900

Height: 69cm Diameter of the shade: 17cm

Price : £118

Stock number 7906

Best quality silver plated Edwardian Osler made 5 arm electrolier with the original fine cut glass shades. Very fine detail in the cast components and when lit the light emits a superb refracted light. Circa 1905

Height: 61cm Diameter: 50cm

Price : £2348

Stock number 7879

Fabulous quality large Edwardian moon glass bowl with anodised bronze fittings. The bowl has decoration which when lit is more pronounced and the light is soft but good as the name suggests. Circa 1908

Height: 63cm + 12cm chain Diameter: 40cm

Price : £478

Stock number 7887

Pair of prismatic glass pendants with polished brass mountings. These emit a bright refracted light when lit. Circa 1910

Height: 22-59cm as shown Diameter: 17cm

Price : £188 pair

Stock number 7770

Pair of Edwardian pendant lanterns with original decorative cable embellishment and ceiling plate. Have been silver plated but some rubbing has occurred - see details. These emit a good diffused light when lit. Circa 1907

Height: 40cm - 70cm as shown Diameter: 14cm

Price : £288 pair

Stock number 7405

Dramatic Arts and Crafts rise and fall corona in dark anodised copper. Stylised decroation within the band and weight. 3 lampholder fitting within the skirt and when lit the light is diffused through the skirt and down apon the table or below. Circa 1906

Height variable : 90cm-2m 1.4meters as shown Diameter: 48cm

Price : £468

Stock number 7703

1920's milk glass school light with polished brass mounts. This produces a good clear but soft light when lit.

Height: 34cm + 30cm chain Diameter: 33cm

Price : £148

Stock number 7697

Magnificent 5 branch GEC made electrolier with acid etched and cut panelled glass shades. Quality cast decoration in the form of flying cherubs and swags of flowers. One of the best electroliers we have had- a dramatic statement early electric light. Circa 1908

Height: 1.1 meters + 30cm chain - can be longer Diameter: 80cm

Price : £2798


Stock number 7695

1920's milk glass school light with soft bronze coloured cast brass gallery and fixings. Emits a super clear good light when lit.

Height: 40cm + 30cm chain Diameter : 30cm

Price : £148

Stock number 7425a

Pair of Edwardian cut glass pendants with quality cast polished brass mountings. These refract a superb light when lit. Circa 1908

Height: 46cm Diameter of the glass: 15cm

Price : £338 pair


Stock number 6255

Very rare Victorian ex-oil Thurston & Co full sized billiard light with green pleated silk shades. Quality cast decoration and this comes with the original supporting long upright stem to be fitted to length as needed. Famous Billiard table makers appointed to Queen Victoria. Circa 1895

Height as required. Length to centre of shades:72" Width: 32"


Stock number 7260

Stylish Osler made Arts and Crafts 3 arm electrolier with replica graduated vaseline shades of good quality. Classic repousse work with the original anodised copper patina. Looks amazing when lit. Circa 1905

Height: 64cm Diameter: 46cm

Price : £998


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